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Japanese Navigation Conversion

We can come to you and convert your factory navigation system to NZ maps and incorporate touch screen controls for navigation at times.

With legally licensed NZ maps and the latest version this can now be acheived by us. Using world leading software this offers a whole new outlook whilst driving in the dark. Great upgrade to factory system with activation by normal button as was intended by Japanese but now bringing up NZ maps.


Japanese cars can be done aswell as some Euro Cars too.

Aftermarket navigation systems can also be provided and incorporated into your factory system or we can add a whole new system for you.


These systems are vastly becoming very popular for many people bringing more ease whilst driving and less stress through the busy city centres.

Great advantage for those who travel at night on country roads and or on long journeys throughout New Zealand.


Remember Auto Gadgets brings you world class legal software.

By employing Auto Gadgets you are ensured to get licensed software that is fully undateable in future.


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