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HID Headlight Conversions

High Intensity Discharge headlights are so popular simply for the great light output they produce. With an electronic ballast to start and run them they are very popular on many cars on the roads today.

However when they breakdown like anything they can be very costly to repair.

A normal headlight bulb is a halogen bulb and can be easily purchased and fitted. These are very expensive to replace and when the ballast goes well you may as well take out a second loan. Being a WOF issue like many other things in the car you have no choice.

Auto Gadgets can come to you and install a complete package including two new ballasts and two new bulbs with complete new wiring loom to suit. These are less than a third of the cost and are sensibly the best solution in the end.

You not only get the whole new package fitted you get much better light and hours for much less cost.

Auto Gadgets have a wide variety of these kits to fit many cars.


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