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GPS Tracking Systems

We can come to you and supply / install GPS tracking systems into just about anything. With our systems the software is very easy to use with an online PC or with any smart / iphone.

Best of all it is free !!! No ongoing costs involved with same results as the competitors. Once installed thats it. Just use it !!!

The device is very small and can be remotely mounted out of sight

and setup to do many different things indeed.

By using text message commands you may :


* Immobilise the unit anywhere in the world

* Call unit and listen into any conversation in car / truck etc

* Optional camera so you may see what is going on at anytime

* Geofence , which means setting perimeters around certain objects or areas. e.g expensive car in storage, unit will alarm you when being tampered with

* History Reports e.g to get rid of staff playing up after hours

* Full online live tracking system


Manage one vehicle or many with full online tracking and reports too


Much More so call us today and talk to the experts at Auto Gadgets