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Auto Gadget Services

Japanese Navigation Conversions


We can come to you and convert your factory navigation system to english and incorporate touch screen controls for navigation. With legally licensed NZ maps the latest version can now be acheived by us. Using world leading software this offers a whole new outlook whilst driving in the dark. Great upgrade to factory system with activation by normal button as was intended by Japanese but now bringing up NZ maps.


High Definition TV DVB-T Tuners


These are the latest TV tuners that will work on the official changeover in your car !!! By installing one of these tuners you will able to view Freeview TV in your car. These can be fitted into your car with the existing screen or interfaced into your factory screen alot of the time AND Auto Gadgets can make it work whilst driving.


All Region Car DVD Players on Factory Screens


These are half the size of standard din size stereos in other words ( standard stereo size ) They are great units for fitting into small gaps instead of fitting pockets / blanks. They are all region playing units and incorporate SD cards AND usb flashstick systems utilising movies.


IPOD Integration and External Video Devices


Car Gadgets can setup IPOD / IPHONE systems in your car to play external devices through your factory or add in stereo system. Car Gadgets can also interface your car to play videos through your monitor.


Reverse Camera Systems


Car Gadgets can setup reverse camera systems to work with your factory screen. With options available today in regards to these units alot can be acheived.



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